Q: When will members be billed?

A: Monthly members will be billed on the first of the month. Semi annual and annual members should contact for information.


Q: Are you open?

A: Yes, open as normal.


Q: Are you accepting new members?

A: Yes, we can sign up any new members in person during our staffed hours.


Q: How are you keeping the gym clean?

A: We are maintaining a constant sanitation system and are enforcing the “Clean as You Go” policy.


Q: Are members required to wear masks during their workout?

A: Masks are not required during workouts.


Q: Is 24-hour access be available?

A: Yes, 24-Hour access is available.


Q: Is kids care open?

A: Yes, kids care is open, but with limitations.


Q: Will I have to sign up for classes and/or workouts?

A: Sign-ups are no longer required.


Q: Are showers open?

A: Yes, showers are available at this time.


Q: Will prepaid memberships be extended?

A: Yes, all prepaid memberships will be extended by amount of days that we were closed.